Friday, September 09, 2011

Cradling a dragon's wing

 She came to me cradling a small piece of red cabbage in her hand.  Nothing special, just a peeled back layer of Brassica oleracea boiled to make a pH indicator for a science experiment, yet it brought a little wonder into our home.  It was not simply the alchemy of acids and bases, of magically changing colors, it was the pleasure in her eyes when she said in a quiet voice, "This is what a dragon's wing would feel like."    

Anatole France said, "To accomplish great things, we must dream as well as act."

We stood in the kitchen holding a piece of cabbage and feeling the leathery hide of dragon; tracing its veins, observing bone structure and the power of latent musculature.  

I am thankful that I did not react as I have all too often...with a hurried reply or an easy dismissal.  I stopped.  And listened.  And loved what I heard.  In that moment we were not just mother and daughter, we were kindred spirits of imagination.  Imagination sparks dreams and I was able witness the spark simply because I did not smother it.

My own One Thousand Gifts.  One through eleven are a bit personal but #12 - #15...

~ Summer rain

~ End of drought- earth drenching rainstorms 

~ A little girl who loves ducks because her daddy does

~ Another who sees a dragon wing in an everyday thing

holy experience

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